Drug Possession

Being involved in a drug possession-related crime can lead to years of imprisonment without the proper legal protection and guidance. In Michigan if you have been charged with drug possession, it's essential to seek out the assistance of a criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible to help with protection your future regardless of the charge and surrounding evidence in your case. 

Drug Possession Law

Possessing various drugs and narcotics in Michigan is against the law and in some cases, even considered a felony depending on the schedule of drugs you have been charged with and the amount that was present at the time of the crime. Consulting a Michigan attorney after you have been charged with drug possession is a way to determine the best course of action to take regarding your case based on the charges that have been brought against you and whether or not they can be proven legally. Talking directly with a lawyer who specializes in drug possession and drug-related charges is a way for you to gain additional insight into the potential sentence you are facing as well as the options you have to help with paying your debt or pleading guilty if you did not commit the crime. 

When You Need an Attorney

Whether you have recently been charged with possessing heroin, prescription medications that are not prescribed to you, cocaine, methamphetamine or other street drugs, it is highly advisable to begin seeking legal counsel as quickly as possible once you have been taken into court custody or arrested. 

It is also possible for individuals with medical marijuana cards to still be prosecuted federally in the state of Michigan, which is why it may be necessary to obtain a drug possession attorney if you are involved in a similar case yourself. Getting the protection you need with a medical marijuana case is imperative to help with protecting your future and getting any charges that have been brought against you dropped and dismissed altogether. 

Drug Possession Incidents

There are many common drug possession incidents that may requires the assistance of an attorney to help with getting you the legal protection necessary to move forward with your life. A few of the most common incidents where a drug possession lawyer may have the capabilities to help include:

  • Operating under the influence of drugs and illegal substances
  • Drunk driving, DUI, OUIL charges
  • Possession of narcotics, illegal prescriptions or substances
  • Distribution of illegal substances, drugs and narcotics

Preparing to Meet With an Attorney

Prior to meeting with an attorney who specializes in drug possession it is important to gather and organize as much documentation and evidence you have to support your case. Getting organize chronologically, collecting police reports, medical records, eyewitness statements, photos, video and other media is a way to help with building your case while you meet with and consult with various attorneys and lawyers who are willing to take on your case. The more prepared you are to meet with an attorney who works with drug possession, the easier it is to build a working case in less time to help with ridding or reducing the charges on your record. 

Understanding why it is important to seek the counsel and aid of a professional drug possession lawyer is imperative to protect yourself in a court of law when you have been charged with a crime yourself. Working alongside a drug possession attorney can help you to get the protection and defense necessary to lighten or rid your jail sentence altogether, depending on your past convictions as well as the circumstances of the case that is pending in your name.