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Drivers License Restoration
Driver license revocation may occur for a wide variety of reasons. Learn how Zoglio Law can help you restore your Michigan Drivers License.

Personal Rights and Injury Lawyer

The Michigan personal injury attorneys at Zoglio Law Offices undserstand that when you get injured whether at work, in an auto accident, in an assult or bit by a dog, you may need a lawyer that can fight and win for you. Our dedication to personal injury law gives you the poiece of mind that we will take care of your needs. We strive to provide a high level of legal service and do what ever it takes to be on of the best personal injury attorneys in Michigan. In fact, the state bar of michigan lawyer referral program provides our offices the oppurtunity to represent individuals through out Mid Michigan. Making sure that you have the right personal injury lawyer in Michigan is key to making sure your case is heard.

A Michigan Auto Accident Attorney That Wins

Thousands of auto accidents occur in the Michigan every year. Thankfully not every auto accident results in personal injury, but some do. Keep in mind that in Michigan just about every accident someone will be at fault, even defensive drivers can't avoid the negligence of other drivers. If you are in an auto accident anywhere in Michigan remeber you shouldn't negotiate with an insurance company before you know your legal rights. Michigan is a no-fault insurance state and in the event you're in an auto accident with injuries, you are entitled to both first-party and third-party beneifts.

First Party Benefits
Wage Loss
Medical Bills
Home Care
Third Party Benefits
Serious impairment of a body function
Permanenty Scarring
Emotional Damages
Pain and Suffering
The Michigan auto accident laywers at Zoglio Law Offices can help ensure you get everything you are entitled to. We have successfully gotten results and compensation for clients injured in auto accidents in Michigan for 15 years.

Molestation / Injury Cases

Has Your Child Been Molested or sexually abused? Did the organization have any notice of past sexual allegations, or that a sexual predator worked for them? You and your child can be compensated for emotional damages, pain, suffering and more.

Many organizations assume a duty to protect children. They have rules and procedures to protect children from pedophiles and sexual predators, and then they don't follow them. These organizations may also have notice of inappropriate behaviors by its agents or employees and failed to take action. These Michigan companies can be held legally responsible under vicarious and/or direct liability. At Zoglio Law Offices ourr team of child welfare lawyers understand the emotions and feelings that happen when this type of situation happens. We will help you every step of the way in making sure that you recieve every thing you and your child are entitled to. Because of our strong willingness to be involved with personal injury law in Michigan, we know what bneeds to be done in order to give you the best representation.

If you have a child who was molested by an individual and others knew about if and failed to act you may also have a claim. There could also be a special relationship between a member of an organization and your child: if they were responsible to care for, educate, mentor, befriend, counsel, or train your child. If your child has been sexually abused and you believe an organization or individual is responsible, the Zoglio Law Offices can help!

Dog Bites

Dog bites and attacks are frequent in Michigan. Many times these attacks result in serious injuries, infection, and emotional damage. There is strict liability in Michigan for dog bite cases. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog, the homeowners can be found liable for your damages. We have been successful in getting compensation for dog bite victims, making us one of the top lawyers in Michigan for personal injuries due to dog bites.

Social Security Disability
The Social Security Administration(SSA) is responsible for providing income and benefits to people with serious disabilities and to their families. But people are often denied disability benefits by the SSA. You have a legal right to appeal a denial of disability. If you are attempting to receive social security disability income, please contact us.
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